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Hegelian Dialectic Explains NWO Agenda‏ ‏ https://realnewsaustralia.com/2013/08/09/the-hegelian-dialectic-and-its-use-in-controlling-modern-society/ NWO Artificial Intelligence/Synthetic Reality is Already Upon Us The pathology/material presenting in our lungs is often composed of the following: - A) i) a smelly, viscous pinkish water and - B) clear, sticky and extremely tenacious ii) goo iii) foam which block the minor airway/respiratory system and - C) a very thick, sticky and tenacious grey/yellowish phlegm mass - resembling construction adhesive which blocks the major airway/respiratory system That the US psychocorpagov't has passed laws enabling the incarceration of anyone with a respiratory illness is of the utmost significance here as it fits the NWO Agenda.